Join me for a 2 hour Wild Food Walk to discover what wild edibles are growing in Spring.

You’ll learn historic and fun facts, health benefits, recipes ideas, processing tips, how to forage sustainably and avoid ID errors, and above all how to forage with confidence!

Every attendee will also receive a copy of my Spring Photographic ID ebook, a workbook to get you started on your learning journey, and membership to the Wild Roots Foraging members Facebook community group.

Book now!

Learn all about the abundance of amazing wild edibles, we have growing right under our noses, on one of my wild food walks!

Join me for a virtual or real outdoor wild food walk, where I will teach you:

  • Historical and fun facts about each plant
  • How to identify the plant throughout the seasons
  • The uses and health benefits of each plant
  • Processing tips
  • Traditional and modern recipe ideas
  • The risks and interactions of each plant

On top of this you will receive my photographic identification ebook, as well as the foraging workbook and access to the private members Facebook group, where you will join a beautiful online community of people who are also new to foraging. You can use the group to ask me questions and to also support and guide each other on your fantastic foraging journeys.

Wild Women Gatherings SPRING (Date TBC)

Learn the lost traditions and rituals of our ancestors, reconnect with the natural world and grow a deeper understanding of how humans were always meant to work with nature and not against her – and how our mental, physical and spiritual well-being is so interconnected with this.

On our Wild Women Walks we will join together to:

  • Learn about wild edible plants, and how to gather and process them for food and resources just like our sisters before us
  • Gather in circle and meditation, and create safe spaces with each other, so that we can offer empathic support, open up in a safe and loving environment, let go of the things that no longer serve us and set our intentions for the future
  • Create nature journals together to help us truly connect to the natural world around us, learn about the plants in depth and connect to the messages of our hearts
  • Follow and grow with the seasons and moon cycles and discover how doing so can support us in life, love and health


I have created resources to support you with some sustainable practices that allow us to work more in harmony with the planet.

How to Start Your Own Edible Forest Garden – eBook!

Please send me send me your correct email, so I can send your eBook to the right place:


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