Get Ready to Rise (Kindle Edition



Owner of Wild Roots Foraging, Lucy Cuzzocrea, co-authors this beautifully poignant collection of personal stories from women who have rose to freedom, empowerment, and authenticity.

The book tells heart-wrenching, yet profound and uplifting tales, of how 14 women have overcome their pain and trauma. And it inspires, anyone reading, with hope and ways that they, too, can overcome their grief and traumas and Get Ready to Rise!

The book is a must-read for all but especially for that woman out there who feels stuck, lost. This book is the confidence you need, to say, “I am ready,”

This book is the clarity on where you are going. The courage to taker that first step.

This book is the connection with the single most important thing. You!

Get Ready to Rise has been launched to raise money for girls through Plan International.


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