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Rewilding, Witches and Healing the World

How Connecting with Nature Can Solve Almost All of our Human Problems Rewild yourself! Have you heard the phrase, yet? Have you been wondering what is it? What it is all about? Grab yourself a wild herb tea and join me for a bit of history! Once upon a time, in fact, for most of…

How to survive a zombie apocalypse in 2020?

Picture this. What we all believed to be impossible, the stuff of horror films and fantasy, just became your reality.

A zombie apocalypse has hit the UK! Supermarkets have been ravaged and supplies are running frighteningly low. You always meant to learn how to grow your own food. You planted some tomatoes in the garden, last year but you forgot about them and only got 2 pathetic little green balls from them, which went mouldy.

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