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“I’m so excited to bring my foraging walks to Teesside. I feel strongly that a new, healthier and more sustainable world is possible. And I can’t wait to help build that, locally”

Lucy Cuzzocrea

“Amazing woman doing amazing things to spread the word about wild food foraging for food that is FREE and FULL of goodness. Luckily Lucy knows her stuff so we don’t go eating the wrong stuff!”

Sophie Rowney

“If you would like to discover the abundance that nature has to offer, go for a walk in the countryside with this amazing woman. I had no idea of the incredible healing properties that the plants around me have to offer until Lucy showed me and explained in a very easy, down to earth manner. Tasting the plants around us as we walked was wonderful. Lucy’s knowledge is incredible and her love of foraging inspirational. Thank you, Lucy.”

Angela Simpson

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  1. Kelly says:

    Hi…I’ve only just seen your post advertising your wild forage walks at Guisborough but sadly this one was dated July! Will you be doing any other (non virtual) walks this year at the same location?

    1. Hi Kelly, I have two spaces left for August 30th, which is this Sunday. You can book via the website http://www.wildrootsforaging.co.uk/shop and scroll down to Outdoor Guisborough Walk. Hope to see you there!

    2. Ah sorry I have one space left!

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