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After darkness, comes the light. After death, comes the rebirth. And then comes the most beautiful growth.

Lucy Cuzzocrea – Founder of Wild Roots Wild Women

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Wild Women Reborn is an online learning and personal growth retreat,
where we walk through the seasons, together, to find a deeper connection.
Connection to self, to each other and to nature!

Just like the plants, who have spent all of autumn and winter shedding their leaves and focusing all their energy below ground, growing their roots bigger and stronger in preparation for the hustle and bustle of spring and summer – we too will emerge from the darkness with new strength and resilience.

As the light of each day gradually increases, we too will slowly begin too awaken and rise from the earth to do our work of outward and inner growth. To learn more about our environment with every waking day, and work with our community of beautiful souls, to find energy, connection, nourishment, and renewal.

You’ll receive regular reminders and tips on how to care for yourself and to connect to nature in order to connect better to your inner wild woman!

We’ll go deeper in our knowledge of the plants, get weekly teachings, advice and tips on what you can forage and grow, and how to process and use it all. Plus recipes to help you find plenty of ways to incorporate what you learn into your everyday life.

I’ll do live videos on all of this plus resources you can save and keep!

We’ll invite other wise and wild women to share their beautiful gifts with us, too!

Plus I will host monthly online women’s circles and huddles, with beautifully supportive meditations, rituals and deeper discussions, to help us stay connected and find the space, support and clarity that we need as we return to the light of Spring.

Membership is £25 per month. And those who want to join one of our weekly, Wild Women Walks in Guisborough, will also benefit from limitless, free access to them, upon joining.

Some things you can expect from Wild Women Reborn

  • Learn about a wide range of wild edibles, as we move through each season!
  • Regular foraging support & guidance
  • LIVE lessons

  • Access to videos, workbooks & resources

  • Foraging Edible & Medicinal Fungi sessions, with Jo Weaver

  • Foraging Edible & Medicinal Plants sessions, with Lucy Cuzzocrea

  • Coastal foraging; seaweed, shellfish & wild plants, with Lucy

  • Cooking outdoors with wild foods

  • Learn how to process and make herbal remedies with what you gather

  • Monthly foraging recipes, tips & advice

  • Nature Journaling Lessons with Wendi May New

  • Guidance on connecting to your inner wild woman

  • Monthly LIVE guided meditations

  • Regular online gatherings & women’s circles

  • Learn how to follow the moon cycles to support your wellbeing

  • Plus amazing discounts on real life events!

Membership is £25 per month and those who want to join any Wild Roots events, will also benefit from £20 discount, to use as often as you like!

  • Wild Women Lynx Supermoon Moon Circle - Beach Retreat
    Wild Women Lynx Supermoon Moon Circle – Beach Retreat
  • Wild Women Gift Voucher £30
    Wild Women Gift Voucher £30
  • Pay it Forward Wild Women Walks £20
    Pay it Forward Wild Women Walks £20
  • Pay it Forward Wild Women Walks
    Pay it Forward Wild Women Walks