Wild Women Gatherings

Wild Women Gatherings

…return to your wild roots

Light the fire of sistership

We are absolutely ecstatic to be releasing the first official date for the return of our amazing beach gatherings! It is only apt that our first one of the year be on Beltane.

We celebrate this beautiful fire festival as we welcome in a new season with a beach fire and ritual, in celebration of the May Queen and the vitality and passion of Summer.

Gather, forage, and connect on this wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating retreat on the beach, where we will also be joined by the beautiful Emily Treadgold who will bless us with her magical sound healing healing skills.

We’ll wander around woodland first to forage some goodies for our circle, before heading to our sacred spot on the beach. We then gather around a crackling fire to indulge in guided meditation, sound healing, and cleansing moon rituals, before creating our safe space to share and listen with our hearts with our women’s circle.

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“I’m so glad I joined Wild Women. It’s been such a mine of information. Lucy and her team of experts are sooo lovely and know their shizzle. 

I feel confident in going into the field and searching for the plants I know well. I just love it. 

The recordings are always available, as I’m a busy, single mum and I can’t always get to live sessions. I get so much from group. 

All the ladies are lovely and Lucy is so helpful and accommodating. And her PDF’s are beautiful. 

I can not recommend this group enough, at a time when life is being divisive. Be a part of something special and something older than all of us. Be a wild woman.”

— Geraldine Emsley

I’m so glad I made joining this membership a priority, I feel held and supported by fellow women but also, ancestral women. 

The group fosters a connection back to our wild roots – literally – and it has proven such a pillar of strength for me during lockdown. I don’t live locally so can’t join in with the walks – but it’s STILL value for money. 

If I have a problem I can explore it here, if I have something to celebrate I can celebrate it here and I am learning so much about so many things; but most importantly, myself. 

Seeing how beautiful and accessible all of Lucy’s information is laid out for us has also inspired me to do better things with my own business and I’m sure this will help me grow as a woman too. Now roll on mugwort growing again and exploring what spring has to offer outside! ❤️

Thank you Lucy. You’re amazing

— Nikki Hall