Women’s Drumming Circle // Samhain 2021

Our next gathering is on the horizon

We are heading back to the forest! Back to carpets of ancient moss, magical fungi, crispy autumn leaves and beautiful bare trees. We are returning to the water, to the stream, to the hush of the wind as it passes through the trees. Nourishment calls! A return to ourself calls. A return to earth. To feeling more rooted. To finding inner wisdom & growth, with each other. Connected, in circle, forever as one. 

I invite you to join us, at this magical time of year, for a truly nourishing gathering. This time, Wild Roots have joined forces with the wonderful Ruby from Redstone Healer – Soul Therapies, to bring you a guided drumming circle, called Journey of the Spirited Spiral. 

This will begin with an intentional meditation with drumming and then returning to intentional meditation to close. Finishing with journaling on your journey. 

We will begin, as usual, with a seasonal foraging walk looking at the local wild edible and medicinal plants & fungi. Then you will be invited to take part in some relaxing earthing and forest bathing, to help feel more rooted and find your inner strength, as you feel the earth cradle you and hold space for you. 

We will then enjoy some spooky wild food snacks made by Lucy as well as creating your own wild teas with the herbs and fungi we looked at on our walk. 

And finally finish the evening around the fire for our drumming circle, sharing circle and some new moon intention ritual at sunset. 

You will be asked to bring a torch or candle, so we can walk back with each other in the dark, symbolic of our acceptance of the darkness and how we commit to walking with each other in the darkness, as we walk with the season towards winter. The light, a reminder of the everlasting power and light that we can always find within, whenever we need.

You are also invited to bring an offering for our circle ๐Ÿ‚ ๐Ÿ•ฏ ๐Ÿ โญ•๏ธ ๐Ÿ ๐Ÿ•ฏ ๐Ÿ‚ and we will decorate our space together, in celebration of the season. 

It was tradition for our ancestors, to sweep away the old energy of the season, to create space for the next. So, if it feels right for you, you can bring your choice of broom to do this with us.

Gather with other women to nourish yourselves, connect to your inner wild woman, and feel free to be your authentic selves

Reclaim the lost wisdom of our ancestors by learning about wild foods and medicines

Enjoy some nourishing wild food dishes lovingly prepared by hand

Make your own wild teas with what you forage

Take part in a full moon ritual and empowering meditation for letting go and finding your creative energy for the month ahead

enjoy a sacred mugwort drink

And share your stories with each other around a crackling fire with a sacred womenโ€™s circle
Are you ready to nourish yourself this Samhain?


12pm Wild Food & Herbal Medicines Walk & Forest Bathing

Ancient woodland foraging walk. You will be foraging for your own herbal teas and to decorate our fire circle Don’t forget to bring your baskets or something you can carry your foraged goodies in! After this you will be invited to relax with some forest bathing.

1.15pm Decorate Fire Circle

You may bring offerings for our circle, other guests, or simply to decorate the fire circle with. 

Suggestions would be things like:

– Food
– Crystals
– Candles
– Lanterns
– Fruit and vegetables of the season (pumpkins)
– Poetry and books
– Arts and crafts
– Flowers

Please keep anything fresh as organic as possible, to avoid bringing toxic chemicals to natural environments. 

1.30pm Sit down for Wild Teas

During our foraging walk, we will collect the herbs we are drawn to, to make ourselves our very own wild tea, during this workshop. This is your chance to ask me anything you need to know to empower yourself to make your own herbal medicinal teas. 

1.50pm Samhain Themed Wild Food

Around this time, we will sit around the fire to share some wild food prepared by Lucy. A chance to learn about some of the ways our local wild foods can be prepared and eaten, in hope of inspiring you to cook with them yourself. My aim is to make all my dishes easy enough to be achieved by anyone with a willingness to learn, so we can begin working more with the land as we learn and grow. You may also bring some food to share around the circle, at this point.

2.30pm Drumming Circle with Ruby Merrick

After our food, we will join Ruby for our drumming circle. Meditating back to the womb. A safe space in the forest. A cave where our connection to life and spirit begins and ends. Journeying into the heart of where the spiral lies. Your inner child is waiting there, with
out-stretched hand. Your choice whether you spiral up or spiral down. Go where you are led…

3.30pm Meditation and Women’s Circle

Following our drumming circle we will open up our listening circle. Women’s circles are special, safe spaces, where everyone is truly heard. A space where we are free to be our true, authentic selves, in a completely judgement free environment.

4.30pm New Moon Ritual & Energy Sweeping

We will finish our evening with a new moon ritual and some energy sweeping, just as the sun begins to set.

5pm Walk in the Darkness

You will be asked to bring a torch or candle, so we can walk back with each other, in the dark. Symbolic of our acceptance of the darkness and how we commit to walking with each other in the darkness, as we walk with the season towards winter. The light, a reminder of the everlasting power and light that we can always find within, whenever we need.

Learn more about our amazing wild women practitioners!

Lucy Cuzzocrea

Foraging Tutor & Wild Women Facilitator

Lucy is a wild food educator, who runs local foraging walks and wild women events in Teesside. She is also a qualified community organiser, who feels passionately about the power of community, reconnecting with the lost knowledge of our ancestors to heal both ourselves and nature, and also in supporting women to find their power. She set up Wild Roots Foraging in 2020 not long after COVID hit, during which time she realised how important and needed her work was, especially throughout such challenging times. She now wishes to continue to spread her message and help as many women as possible, reconnect to their inner wild woman and find ultimate freedom!

Rachel Knox

Wild Women Facilitator

Rachel is a Wild Roots Wild Women Facilitator and supports Lucy with her work, as well as assisting with events, leading walks and circles, and working as admin both behind the scenes and for the Wild Roots Wild Women Facebook group. Rachel is extremely skilled with felting crafts and is known for making fantastic nature felting creations.

Ruby Merrick

Intuitive Healer at Redstone Healer – Soul Therapies

After realising that past decades were spent in surviving, rather than thriving mode, she sat down and considered her scars. Every one earnt in battles, that at times were hard fought. When she thought the fire had gone out, and wondered where she had gone, the realisation came that really only new fuel was needed.
That fire is roaring again. It warms her heart and creates that fiery passion that is infectious, just like the laugh.
A true wild woman. A sister in circle, sitting with our sisters in spirit.

Emily Treadgold

Sound Healing

Emily is a Sound Healing practitioner in training with the Sound Healing Academy. She uses a holistic approach in all of her work. Her group sound bath sessions involve a gentle guided meditation to bring your focus inwards and to encourage the sounds frequencies to do some healing. The instruments she uses are a frame drum, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, shaker and her voice. Come as you are, relax and be nourished by these beautiful sounds.

Sarah Garside

Dru Yoga

Sarah’s yoga journey began 26 years ago at her local college. From there she travelled around the world studying different styles of yoga before finally discovering Dru yoga in Snowdonia. It was there that Sarah trained as a Dru Yoga teacher. Dru was perfect for her. It helped to deepen her connection with nature even more and allowed her teach to all abilities due to its adaptable and flowing nature.

Katherine Atwell-Griffiths

Gong Bath

Katherine is an artist working in the visual and healing arts. She has a degree in Fine Art from Oxford Brookes University and trained in sound healing under Sheila Whitaker, working primarily with the gongs. Based in the North East her work revolves around private and group gong baths, sound healing, meditational drawing, nature to abstraction, walking as drawing and drawing for wellbeing. Katherine is also an associate tutor with The Arts School.

Everything Lucy has created here speaks to me on the deepest level! She is helping me rediscover my connection with Mother Earth, helping me along on my journey to replenish and nurture my soul. Life has knocked the wind out of me over the last couple of years and Iโ€™d forgotten who I was and what I needed. Wild Roots is more than โ€˜justโ€™ foraging courses, itโ€™s about reconnections and about re-grounding yourself. Lucy is very inspiring and empowering and also has the best collection of hats!

Tracy Reeve

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