Wild Village

Wild Village / Moorland Waldorf School / Botton

Saturday 16th July


A space to remember who you are.

Wild Village is about reconnecting with your wild roots and finding growth & resilience for the whole family through the power of Mother Nature.

Wild Village sessions are a very relaxed, connected way of simply being with the earth, with ourselves, and with each other. It’s about taking the time to slow down and notice the simple beauties in life, reconnecting with the gifts they bring to us, and in doing so, reclaiming the old, ancient human ways of our ancestors. Through these sessions we will explore tuning out of our busy brains to tune into the sensory and the curious. We will learn how to forage for food and medicine, as well as learn about the cyclical nature of life and how we can incorporate this more into our everyday, through the lost art of ritual and ceremony.

There is no religious base to any of this, it is simply about remembering what once served our ancestors and our earth so well and bringing it forward into our lives, once again.

Each activity is invitational, following our interests, working with our own individual flow, and we aim to inspire a more daily practice of equality, self-empowerment, and self-love for the whole family, through nature-based connection.

Some activities you can expect to see in our sessions are : foraging, wild food snacks and freshly foraged teas, sharing circles, forest bathing, meditation, yoga, sound healing, journaling, rituals to support mental and spiritual well-being, story time and LOTS of play! I wanted to especially carve out this time for families to be together in such a beautiful and organic way, as our busy modern-day life styles can often get in the way of this. And I hope what we create together may inspire hope of a return to community living.

Booking is £25 per family, to ensure accessibility for families with more children. And there is 30 spaces available, to cover both adults and children (including carers).

To book your place please complete the form below and we will send you the payment link. Please note, your space is not guaranteed until payment has been sent.


A wonderful, welcoming group where I’m learning so much about foraging. I’m constantly amazed by how much Lucy knows, and her passion is contagious.

Angie Burrell

Let’s make something beautiful together.