Women’s Drumming Circle Samhain Gathering


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Women’s drumming circle
Samhain gathering

Secret Location in Ancient Woodland
North Yorkshire Moors
October 30th 2021

We are heading back to the forest! Back to carpets of ancient moss, magical fungi, crispy autumn leaves and beautiful bare trees. We are returning to the water, to the stream, to the hush of the wind as it passes through the trees. Nourishment calls! A return to ourself calls. A return to earth. To feeling more rooted. To finding inner wisdom & growth, with each other. Connected, in circle, forever as one.

I invite you to join us, at this magical time of year, for a truly nourishing gathering. This time, Wild Roots have joined forces with the wonderful Ruby from Redstone Healer – Soul Therapies, to bring you a guided drumming circle, called Journey of the Spirited Spiral.

This will begin with an intentional meditation with drumming and then returning to intentional meditation to close. Finishing with journaling on your journey.

We will begin, as usual, with a seasonal foraging walk looking at the local wild edible and medicinal plants & fungi. Then you will be invited to take part in some relaxing earthing and forest bathing, to help feel more rooted and find your inner strength, as you feel the earth cradle you and hold space for you.

We will then enjoy some spooky wild food snacks made by Lucy as well as creating your own wild teas with the herbs and fungi we looked at on our walk.

And finally finish the evening around the fire for our drumming circle, sharing circle and new moon intention ritual at sunset.

You will be asked to bring a torch or candle, so we can walk back with each other in the dark, symbolic of our acceptance of the darkness and how we commit to walking with each other in the darkness, as we walk with the season towards winter. The light, a reminder of the everlasting power and light that we can always within, whenever we need.

You are also invited to bring an offering for our circle πŸ‚ πŸ•― 🍁 ⭕️ 🍁 πŸ•― πŸ‚ and we will decorate our space together, in celebration of the season.

It was tradition for our ancestors, to sweep away the old energy of the season, to create space for the next. So, if it feels right for you, you can bring your choice of broom to do this with us.

As usual, spaces are limited to 13 to make sure we create enough space for and honour each woman attending.

Please be prepared for outdoor weather when attending any wild women events


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