Wild Women Sunset to Moonrise Walk


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Great Ayton
19th November
1.30pm – 5.30pm

I am so incredibly excited to jump head first back into our dark night Wild Women Walks!!

Welcome to the season of dark skies, stars, sunrises, sunsets and moonrises!

Come and celebrate this beautiful shift with us on the November full moon, known traditionally as the Beaver Moon or the Frost Moon. This year it is extra special, too, as there will also be a partial lunar eclipse, known as a half blood moon! Ahhh!! I can’t wait!!

Enjoy an easy, sunset walk & forage uphill, with a stop off into the forest for women’s circle and mugwort hot chocolate. This is also a hot spot for mushrooms, too. So we’ll have a little gander one the way up! 🙂

After this, we will head off to the top in search of the moon and wave goodnight to the sun. Once we reach the top, we will sit together in silent meditation, to soak up the healing energy from the moon.

You might want to bring items with you to charge in the moons energy, while we’re there.

There will, of course, be no guarantee of visibility on the night. You never know how the weather will turn out. However, it’s important to know that this does not affect the power of gathering together on this evening. The moon may be hidden by cloud but the energy will still be abundantly available to us.

Spaces are limited to ensure each woman is fully heard in circle.


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