Wild Reconnect Full Moon Circle


A day of rewilding and reconnecting with nature and ourselves, so we can reset our nervous systems in time for the festive period.

During this connective, healing event, we will enjoy the sunset & full moonrise (clouds permitting), foraging, forest bathing,  fire circle, meditation, sound healing, sharing circle, native plant medicine & wildcrafted food tasters.

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In collaboration with Aloucie Healing.

Event Location:

Hidden Location near Great Ayton, North Yorkshire
 (full address given upon booking)
Sunday 26th November 2023

Join us for a day of reclaiming the forgotten, healing practices of our ancestors.

Take intentional time to relearn the old wisdom of the plant medicines of Ancient Brythonic and Celtic culture, with foraging, nature connection, forest bathing, fire circle, sound healing, healing plant medicine, sharing circle, moon ritual and wildcrafted food tasters.

Plus, weather permitting, experience the joy of both sunset and moonrise with a 360 view of the night sky from a registered Dark Skies location.


As we head into the depths of the dark season, Mother Nature continues to provide us with an abundance of opportunity to connect with the wild medicine that surrounds us!

Wild medicine is found in the sunsets, the moonrises and other such breathtaking moments of awe, beauty and peace.

It is found in the quiet and the still.

In the healing sounds and vibrations that we create, within and without.

It is in the moments where we connect so deeply with the natural world, we experience the knowing that we are the same as the trees, the plants, the fungi and the fox.

We are all one.

It is in the safety of the spaces, where we can have our stories heard, sharing deeply and vulnerably, held in the love and acceptance of those who hear them.

It is in the cleansing air that we breathe, when we pass through forest and climb hill.

It is in the connection we make with others, when we open up and see that we are not alone in our thoughts and feelings.

And it is alive inside the plants, the trees, the fungi, the roots and the bones of those who grow at our feet and into the sky, waiting to share their sweet offerings with us.

Let nature be your village.

And let us be a safe home for nature.



This event aims to empower you and also empower the earth through localism.

And it aims to show you why working with Mother Nature must go hand in hand with staying conscious of our overall impact on the environment.

For this reason, we will spend time reconnecting with our very own, native, medicinal plant and fungi allies and learn how everything we could ever need is already available to us, right at our feet.

Nature always provides! There is no need to import plant medicines from other countries.

In order to do this, we will look at a variety of plants, and any fungi that is around, that can be locally foraged. Looking at their chemical contents and all the ways they can be used for healing, which is especially important as we head into this period of darkness.



We will cover plants that can support with:


Toxic overload

Gut health



Chronic illness

Mental health






and ADHD


For this event, we have teamed up with Aloucie Healing, to help you release what is no longer needed and support you to heal what needs healing. So that you can go forward, into the winter season, feeling fresh and ready to create and invite in what is needed, for yourself and your loved ones.



As usual, we will enjoy a walk around the local wild spaces, as I teach you all the amazing ways we can use what we find for food, medicine, and more.

You might also like to bring along a nature journal, notebook, or camera for this bit, as well as a foraging basket.



Gathering in circles is part of a powerful global movement to reclaim the ancient bonds of community that we’ve lost and heal ancestral wounds, together.

Our circles are truly empowering, nurturing, authentic spaces. A place free from judgement, advice giving or fixing.

A place to simply be your true and wild self.

For our circle, we also invite you to bring something to share. Either a gift for the hearth and earth, a gift for your sisters, or a gift for the gods! Whatever you like!

Feel free to make this space your own and celebrate however is right for you. Gifts can be physical, symbolic, or may take the form of words, poetry, or performance.

There are no rules or limitations. No right or wrong.

We only ask that anything natural is organic, so we don’t return toxicity to the earth.



During the event you will be invited to release the stress and burdens of daily life and fully relax into the space, giving yourself everything you need in the moment. A chance to forget the needs of others, completely and truly focusing on just you during this beautiful and magical time you have so lovingly carved out for yourself.

While the core of these events are about connecting with nature and forming ancient bonds with your community, they’re also as much about forming ancient bonds with yourself that you have lost from modern-day conditioning and domestication.

We hope this event leaves you inspired to continue more on this wild path of freedom and rewilding, for long after this day.


During our events, we create space for quiet time in nature, connecting to our senses. All we can feel. And connecting to ourselves. To simply be.

This is sacred time that we don’t always have the privilege of experiencing in our daily lives.

Sometimes we add in some sound healing, other times, we simply listen to the healing sounds of nature.


Following the moon cycle gifts us the opportunity to be reflective, celebrating where we are at in our lives, and what no longer serves us, as we move into a new phase. We take some time here to recognise what that might be and set our intentions.


As usual, Lucy will be providing some wild food treats but please feel free to bring your own food, if you prefer. If you would like to try some of the food provided please let us know well in advance. We are unable to cater for dietary needs without plenty of notice, as the dishes are planned and food sourced well in advance.

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This event will be around 5 hours long and is a short walk from the free carpark.

This can be a challenging walk uphill, for some, and at this time of year, we may face ice and snow.

Please dress appropriately, with good outdoor walking boots/wellies, thick socks, thermals and waterproofs, to keep you going for the duration.

The exact location will be emailed to you upon booking.

If you don’t receive this email, please check your junk folder.

There are only 15 spaces available, booking early is essential to secure your space.

Please bring something to sit on and a blanket to stay warm when sitting in circle and a torch for after dark.

Please refer to our CANCELLATION POLICY before booking. I am unable to refund last minute cancellations, so you might want to have a look through this, first. 




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