An Introduction to Hedgerow Medicine – Full Day Course


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Saturday 2nd October 2021
The Cut Back, Saltburn

Come and join us for a day of learning all about how to create your very own hedgerow medicines.

We will start the day with a foraging walk, learning about the abundance of medicinal plants that are around, right now, along with how to safely identify them, process them and use them as medicine.

Then we will head back to The Cut Back and begin with a wild herbal tea & infusion workshop, where you will be creating your very own wild teas and infusions!

After this, you’ll be shown how to make your own processed sugar-free elderberry syrup for immune boosting optimisation! As well as wild kraut, hawthorn berry fruit leathers and elderberry gummies!

Please bring your own bottles/jars/containers, as you usually do when you visit The Cut Back, so we can continue to be as kind to our planet as possible.

Top quality, organic coffee and teas will also be provided throughout the day.

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