What is the
Wild Women Reborn
membership all about?

Discover the magic of a
social learning group

This unique online community, is filled with sistership, love and real connection. Community is at the heart of everything we do. So we follow a social approach to learning. We’ve thrown the traditional structures out of the window and are getting back to basics with real connected learning. We grow together, in harmony, and we help each other thrive.

Basics of Foraging

We have everything you need to get started with foraging from entrance level and up! These units cover identification of wild food, confidence to forage & mindset, sustainable foraging, the health benefits and cautions of wild edibles, and how to use our cave woman senses to help us locate and identify our wild foods in order to stay safe.

Harvesting, processing & cooking

These units, along with regular guidance, videos & PDF’s, cover everything you need to know about how to properly harvest, store, process, and cook with wild edibles.

preparations, wildcrafted self care products & gifts.

Inside our membership is a wealth of information on how to use what you gather to create your own herbal preparations, remedies, self-care products & homemade gifts. Discover the magic of herbs and the wonder that lies in creating your own nature inspired potions.

Women’s Circles, guided meditations & cyclical living

Our membership is all about becoming more rooted, more confident and more connected to ourselves, each other and nature. It’s about connecting to the same feminine wisdom that guided our ancestors before us and to find our source, our power, and our inner light.