Rewilding, Witches and Healing the World

How Connecting with Nature Can Solve Almost All of our Human Problems

Rewild yourself! Have you heard the phrase, yet? Have you been wondering what is it? What it is all about?

Grab yourself a wild herb tea and join me for a bit of history!

Once upon a time, in fact, for most of human existence, humans didn’t see themselves as separate from nature. Just like the trees and the plants, who lived in harmony with each other, we too had a symbiotic relationship with all flora and fauna. We knew our place in the world. We enjoyed the bounties of nature and all the resources she brings, medicine and food, but we never over-indulged. Our goal was to survive and thrive, but we knew that in order to do this successfully, we needed to care for the land and all of its inhabitants, if we could ever expect it to care for us.

Fast forward a few hundred thousand years and humans discovered that they could farm! Fruits, veg, animals for meat and dairy. Imports became huge and the patriarchy began to rise. Capitalism shortly followed, along with the decline of nature and destruction of not only the land and animals but of ourselves!

The world became out of balance, the feminine was under attack, in every sense of the word! Mother Nature, yes, but also our wise medicine women who worked so closely with her. The keepers of the land, the watchers of the wells, the hedge witches, the midwives, the scientists, the shamans – witches! All of them! They were shunned, captured, violently attacked and mass murdered. Today, we might call it extremism or terrorism. An absolute tragedy. With those great minds, hearts, and souls, went all of their wisdom in taking good care of our people and planet. And in their place, men stood, trying to recreate what they so carelessly destroyed and spending hundreds of years getting it so very wrong.

May we never condemn our fellow sisters, again.

It’s easy to think of witches in the stereotypical sense. That they were women to be feared, the devil’s assistants, casting their wicked spells upon us. In reality, these stories are nothing but patriarchal fairy tales! Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure some of those women retaliated to the trauma inflicted on them by using their fantastic plant knowledge. Maybe making some men impotent who raped them or finishing off the men who beat them and kept them enslaved with a little plant poison, here and there. I believe it was this which the patriarchy feared most. Nature empowered these women to protect themselves against the harm of men.

They were not “evil”. They were simply so connected to Mother Nature, they found that she whispered to them, sharing all her secrets with these trusted and beautiful souls. Both men and women alike had this ability. There were many male witches recorded in history. Shame, of course, brought upon both. 

Thankfully, the murder of witches came to an end, eventually. But women still found themselves enslaved, abused and oppressed by men for many years. And, unfortunately, we still do today.

But lately, something very interesting has begun to occur. Women appear to be rising, all over the world. Finding their power. Finding their lost connection to Mother Nature, hearing her whispers once more. Joining in sisterhood, friendship, love, and authentic support of one another. We are finding our power, once again. And when women come together and create this kind of divine power, they can achieve anything. It really is incredible to be a part of it.

This brings me back to the point of this piece. How can reconnecting with nature solve almost all of our human problems? Well, that’s just it, we ARE nature. We just need to remember that and find our place in the world, once again. Step into our power and stay connected to everything! Ourselves, each other, and Mother Nature. Only by listening to what she really needs, will we find the answers to heal the planet and ourselves.

I have been called to guide my sisters on this incredible journey back to self and back to our power, so that we can bring this earth back to its true purpose. To restore peace and harmony and bring healing to all who need it. Will you join me?

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