How to survive a zombie apocalypse in 2020?

Picture this. What we all believed to be impossible, the stuff of horror films and fantasy, just became your reality.

A zombie apocalypse has hit the UK! Supermarkets have been ravaged and supplies are running frighteningly low. You always meant to learn how to grow your own food. You planted some tomatoes in the garden, last year but you forgot about them and only got 2 pathetic little green balls from them, which went mouldy.

You’ve made elderberry syrup! And bramble and apple crumble a few times but that isn’t going to sustain you and your family through this. Plus it’s autumn and even the bramble supply is starting to dwindle.

You have an old book on ‘Wild Edibles of the UK’ but the photos and descriptions of the plants aren’t detailed enough and you’re scared you will poison yourself or a loved one. You need a better plan and fast!

Now picture an alternative scenario.

3 months before the apocalypse hit, as a treat, you paid for you and your family to attend an Autumn Wild Food Foraging walk with Wild Roots Foraging and you learned exactly how to be 100% certain when identifying wild foods.

You learned around 20 different edible plants that grow in abundance throughout autumn and were told exactly how to process them, cook them, and even given ideas for recipes and ways of preserving them that would be all you needed to see you through until spring!

You knew all about the different nutritional profiles of the plants, too! So you were able to identify ones that would give you protein when you needed protein, and meat was too scarce. You also knew which plants had a high vitamin c content and would protect your immune system over winter.

You even knew which plants you could turn to, in a medical emergency, to prevent infection, support the body through illnesses, or speed up blood clotting when injured.

And, amazingly, you were emailed a copy of the Wild Roots Wild Food Photo ID Booklet, to help you identify each plant properly on your own – which, thankfully, you printed out before the zombie pandemic hit!

You sit back for a moment and wonder how different life might have been had you not decided to attend such an important event that day!

Of course, thankfully, zombies are not real and it is absolutely 100% an impossible scenario! Phew!

Wait a minute, what’s that. My husband just walked in, as I type this, and he’s… got a kind of… funny look about him. He’s…walking with his arms reached out in front of him with a blank, deathly stare. He’s coming towards me… SOMEBODY HEL

Guisborough Autumn Wild Food Walk – 27th Sept 2020 at 3.30pm

Come and join me for a walk down the old railway track, as I show you what wild edibles are available to us in autumn. You'll learn the history of the plants, traditional and modern recipes and uses, as well as the health benefits and warnings for each plant. Walk away with the confidence you need to forage safely and sustainably. Plus get my free photographic identification ebook, workbook and access to my private members Facebook group, to support your ongoing learning.


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