What are Women’s Circles?

Women have been gathering in circle for thousands of years, in every country and throughout all cultures, in support, love and care of one another.

In some cultures, it has been done to shun and oppress women, in others not, but always, women have supported each other and found so much comfort and strength in them.

Over time, due to more modern patriarchal structures within our societies – keeping women separated and turning us against each other, coupled with the rise of capitalism and the loss of real, soulful, community living, women lost this supportive practice.

Today, women’s circles are returning, and with them so is our power, as we rediscover the magic that is held in them. Circle leaders around the world are working hard to spread awareness and awaken more and more women to the lost knowledge and healing power that is held within the circles. Women want to see each other thrive, not simply survive, and we want to help each other rise, not simply stay above ground – and circle leaders know, circle is the key to achieving this, hand in hand, with and for our sisters.

In a circle, women are free to be themselves, pure and unfiltered, with no judgement. Even if we may disagree with opinions given in circle, we accept each other for our differences and hold each other in this space, completely judgement free.

We don’t try to fix one another, we don’t offer advice. We trust completely that each woman already has all the power she needs within herself to find the solutions to her troubles and that by offering her the space to work through them, she is given the freedom to find those solutions, herself. This is how we find our power and realise it was there all along. And the impact of this realisation follows each woman home, back into her everyday life, with new found resilience and beautifully supported and accepted growth.

How do women’s circles work?

Each women’s group will be unique and they will have their own way of running circles, with their own ethics and rituals but most will have very similar way.

Within the circle, we will have rituals we can practice to support us throughout the year that will change slightly and adapt to the current seasons, moon cycles or important events.

Rituals help to achieve dreams, discover hidden resources and develop intuition.

Rituals also connect us to our inner workings, the stuff we don’t get time to process on our own, in our day-today hectic lives. They give us the tools we need to untangle the tangled.

And in perfect synchronicity, they connect us to nature and each other. They remind us that we are nature and we are each other. We are not separate. Separate is an illusion. We are all connected. Just like the plants and wildlife that live in their ecosystems, we too can work symbiotically with them and with each other as humans, when we are reminded of who we are and live more as our authentic selves.

So we will gather in circle to work with the herbs we have foraged or brought as gifts for each other, drink tea, eat nourishing food, wildcraft, meditate, dip our toes in the ocean, release tensions we are holding, let go of things that no longer serve us, welcome in the new, rituals to help us connect to our matriarchal lineage or our own menstrual cycles and build awareness of how we feel throughout our cycles, in order to source what it is we need throughout the month. And finally, we create deep-needed space for each other to open our hearts to each other, while the rest of us listens deeply, in nothing but unconditional love, true-empathy and nourishing acceptance.

For our sharing circle, we have a talking piece. This is a tradition that has been used for centuries, in many different cultures. The woman who holds the talking piece is free to share her story, whatever is in her heart. We encourage each other not to use the time when we are listening to try and figure out what it is we will say when it is our time but to listen fully to the woman who is speaking and share spontaneously when the rock comes to you.

We pass the talking piece around the circle and each woman has her time to share. It is very symbolic of how we can truly listen and hold space for each other, something that is not often practiced in modern-day culture.

There is no competition to be heard, no interruptions, no rush to finish. A woman can take her time, with long breaks in between to truly connect to herself and her story. She may even choose to sit in complete silence the whole time and then pass the rock. No one else dictates what she does with her time. She is in charge. And we offer her the space to sit in her power and make that decision, herself. It really is a rare thing but so needed and deeply nourishing for our souls.

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  1. Jo says:

    Beautifully written ❤️

    1. Thank you! ❤️

  2. Amena says:

    Amazing; such a soulful way of lifting one another.

    1. It is! And one steeped in ancestral tradition. It is literally inhumane to be without it.

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